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General Croquet


The Clubs at St. James Plantation croquet court is located adjacent to the Players pool at 4329 Regency Crossing. Sean Zelinsky, Troon Director of Athletics, may be reached by email at

Heather Wilson, President/Owner of Going Fit, Inc. can be reached at
regarding lessons and demo mallets.


How to Book a Court Online

Use of the croquet court(s) can be reserved on-line, up to seven days in advance.


To create a reservation:

1.) Login at

2.) Select ‘Fitness & Wellness’ (link at top of computer screen, or in the drop-down menu from the lines in upper right corner of cell phone)

3.) Select ‘Croquet Court Reservations’ (to the right of computer screens, or scroll down to bottom of cell phone screen)

4.) Use the date field near the top to pick your date of play (use <Prev and Next> to go to date, or click in date field and select your date on the calendar that comes up)

5.) Fill in details including other members and guest names if possible. You may get an error if you do not select ’60 minutes’ under ‘Duration’. Note: the average game of golf croquet with four players typically takes longer than an hour, so you may want to sign up for two hours together.

6.) Click ‘Create Reservation’ at the bottom


To see or make changes to a reservation previously created:

1.) Click ‘My Reservations’ at the top of screen

2.) Click ‘Edit Reservation’

3.) Make any desired changes, or ‘Cancel Reservation’

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