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Golf Croquet:

Our Venus v Mars golf croquet round robin is underway with 46 players.  In this session, women are playing women and men are playing men in new groupings of four players each week.  At the end of eight weeks, the top two women and the top two men based on play results will face off in a 'Billie Jean King-Bobby Riggs Battle of the Sexes' type playoff.  We are off to a great start, with the top performers so far being:


For 6-Wicket, we have 11 teams playing, broken into two skill brackets - an 'A' bracket that is considered a beginner’s level, and a 'B' bracket that is intermediate.  In addition to matching folks up to play, the main goal for this session is to advance all our understanding of the rules and skill set needed to play 6-wicket.  We will be presenting opportunities to learn the basic rules and flow of the game, the special shot skills needed, and various levels of strategy typically employed.  Scoring leaders thus far include:

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